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Easy living made beautiful with cemcrete Finishing

Cemcrete finishing has moved well beyond a trend to a stylish and effective way to coat and protect various surfaces. Able the withstand the test of time with regards to durability and style, cemcrete can be used on various surfaces to create a distinctive decorative coat that adds simplicity and elegance to any home. View our portfolio for images of our Project: Waterfall Estate CemCote Skimmed.


Decorative Floors – Cemcrete

Cemcrete floor finishes (also known as screed flooring) are durable while also being luxurious – a sought-after combo when it comes to designing your home. It can be applied to a solid concrete ground floor slab or onto a precast concrete floor unit. A floor screed’s ratio is usually made from a 1:3 or 1:4,5 ratio of cement to sharp sand. Dry screed is around 4mm thick and is sealed to reflect a smooth, attractive surface.


Decorative Walls – Cemcrete

The different options for cemcrete wall finishes vary in technique and style and each create a distinctive mood. A cemcrete plaster finish provides a tough, mottled coloured interior or exterior plaster onto conventional wood floated or scratch plaster. It is also UV resistant. TPC is a tough, thermoplastic weatherproof cemcrete coating that contains Mica and silica for maximum protection against the elements. It can be applied to create a rough or smooth texture. These are but two of the many options available. Speak to a designer at Simply By Design to explore the various other cemcrete wall finishes available.


Cemcrete Countertops

Whether you choose to coat an existing concrete countertop with a cemcrete product or create a unique casted cemcrete (cement) countertop to suit your home’s style, you won’t be disappointed. Cemcrete countertops are durable and scratch resistant while offering a sleek, low maintenance work surface.


Cemcrete Pools

You can reinforce, repair or deign your new pool using a cemcrete finish. From a simple cement-based coating that can be then be painted, through to a unique decorative pool plaster, cemcrete pool finishes have come a long way.


Cemcrete finishes are versatile, durable and offer timeless style, but need to be applied by professionals and overseen by designers with experience and insight into the various cemcrete applications available to you. Give your home the cemcrete touch. Speak to the team at Simply By Design to explore your options – we’ve got you covered.

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