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Cool your home naturally

Cool your home naturally

South Africa is not only beautiful, but also blessed with long summers and mild winters. Good news for outdoor activities, but not always for indoor temperatures. Electronic air conditioners work well, but can be expensive to run and are not ecologically sustainable. The great news is that the amount of energy spent on heating and cooling homes can be drastically reduced by incorporating simple design techniques. Here are a few options on how you can cool your home naturally.



If your roof doesn’t have sufficient insulation, consider repainting it a lighter shade so it reflects more light. A reflective roof may help keep unwanted heat out, as long as it also has low emissivity. Roof overhangs should be sized correctly to ensure that the summer sun is blocked but the lower winter sun is also let through. Chat to an expert to find out where your roof rates in this spectrum.


Thermal Mass

The best way to cool your home is to build with thick stone or masonry. Castles and caves are prime examples, with thick walls that soak up the heat. As the temperature cools down at night this heat gets released, ensuring a moderate temperature. The sizing of your brick, masonry or stone should be carefully considered, and the team at Simply By Design are experts in this field.


Interior objects and materials

Carefully selected objects in a room can block or filter sunlight. Fish tanks for instance are great, because they soak up heat and regulate temperatures. The same can be said for lined curtains, which not only keep the heat out in summer, but retain indoors warmth in winter.



Ceiling fans have made a huge comeback with new classic designs to ensure they never go out of style. Not only are they energy efficient but great for sinus sufferers, who could be negatively affected by electric air conditioners.


These passive cooling techniques are but a few of the many ways you can cool your South African home and ensure you get to relax in a moderate and comfortable environment when you come home. Chat to Simply By Design to see what else we can do to naturally cool your home.