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Here is an excerpt of an article that was originally featured on Property24 on 6 June 2017. Interior Designer and owner of Simply by Design, Alex Albertyn, is a decorative wall and floor specialist and Cemcrete Licensed Contractor. You can view the article here.

When selecting a specialist finish or feature to compliment the design of an environment, there are so many elements to consider. It is very important to select a suitable feature that will complement your style by enhancing the overall theme and bringing your space to life. 

– Alex Albertyn

I believe that an effective accent wall is more about the texture and the finish than about the colour. Accent walls are no longer just limited to a single wall surface but rather used to create a backdrop for a beautiful space – whether it be interior or exterior.

Darker finishes and features create a dramatic environment and these darker accent walls are often used in more formal or ultra-modern settings combined with minimal furnishings and contemporary or expressive artwork. Many modern interior decorators and designers follow a trend of either “Black on Black” or “White on White” design with key elements of colour. These elements or focal areas are created using various finishes, coatings or textured applications. 

In the past, warm and clear-bright colours were very popular in creating accent walls, but over the last number of years, these colours have changed to more earthy pantones in dirtier hues of blue’s, greens, oranges and even some metallic finishes: brass, bronze and copper.

As the trends and styles have changed over the past decade, I have identified several finishes that I found to be the most effective and popular: 

This first interior finish is a trowel-on mock plaster coating with a very smooth waxy marbled finish. Liquid stucco plaster is luxurious and truly beautiful. The wonderful attribute of this product is that it is acrylic based and can be tinted in such a broad spectrum of colours. 

Another finish that has become very popular in contemporary spaces is raw or cast concrete. With a variety of products available on the market today, I create concrete designs according to the dimensions of the wall surface, the style of the room or building and obviously the client’s taste. Installations include, but are not limited to concrete puzzles, mock brickwork and off shutter decorative blocks complete with expansion joins and casting holes. This application is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Number three on my list is a variety of distemper brush applications, textured paint applications and suede finishes that are all applied by hand. Used in combination with natural textures, these wall coatings mirror the natural fibres in the furnishings and softs and are very effective as design accents. 

Mock clay face brick accent wall.

Mock clay face brick has recently made an appearance on the South African market. These clay face brick tiles imitate the real thing and can be applied to a smooth wall surface with a minimal amount of preparation work and then either white-washed, painted or left untreated for a beautifully textured installation.

Geometric mosaic design accent wall.

Lastly, I add something geometric to the list. These 3D shapes have had a major impact on the local design of late. If you are not too concerned about budget, there are imported ranges of Geometric Mosaic designs that work wonders for a single accent wall and have a real WOW factor.

Thinking of creating your own accent wall? Get in touch with Alex at Simply By Design for more info on our Home Décor solutions.

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