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Take a walk on the luxurious side of life

The foundations lay the starting point of a house, but the type of flooring you choose sets the groundwork for the rest of your home.

Not only will this shape the overall look and feel of a space, but luxurious flooring undeniably improves the resale value of your property.  And unlike a car or a camera, a home should always be treated like an investment, no matter if you plan to live there the rest of your life or sell within a few months of moving in.  So what are the aspects you need to focus on when choosing luxury flooring?


Traditional versus contemporary

Once you have decided what look and feel you are going for, you can start choosing your flooring material.  Real wood is a firm favourite as it is very practical yet versatile.  It can alternate between elegant and rustic depending on the furniture and décor in the rest of the room.

Functional versus ornate

Decorative tiles and traditional wood floors are undeniably beautiful, but not always practical for homeowners with dogs and kids.  Luckily there is a modern compromise that not only mimics the beauty of luxurious flooring, but offers the practicality of easy cleaning.  Introducing the new generation of vinyl flooring: modern, chic, low maintenance with the benefit of added warmth in winter.

Bathroom & kitchen versus living rooms

When choosing your bathroom or kitchen floors, ceramic and porcelain tiles are the preferred choice.  They require the least amount of maintenance as they are non-porous.  Marble and granite will set your home apart and are the ultimate in luxurious tile flooring.  Remember that sealing tiles when necessary and replacing the grout when it starts chipping away is key to keeping mildew from spreading.


Tired vs trend

Want to know how to take something dated and turn it into something spectacular for your floors?  Carpet tiles in the traditional sense are a far cry from stylish and chic, but arrange them in a unique design with different colours and you move from a drab, monotone look to a striking flooring solution. 

When it comes to luxurious flooring, cutting corners is definitely not recommended.  Rather do your research and spend a little more.  It’s worth every extra rand to ensure your home exudes style and confidence.  Or better yet , let the team at Simply By Design do the hard work for you.


We would love to hear from you regarding your Flooring ideas to enhance your home or work space, the possibilities are endless. Contact Alex for more information.

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