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If you still have thoughts of tacky 80s wallpaper stuck in your mind, push that aside immediately. Wallpaper has made a big comeback as a backlash to the sterile greys and neutrals of the 90s and early 2000s, as it offers a personal touch without cluttering your home.


Modern appeal

Today’s wallpaper has improved in leaps and bounds from its predecessor with regards quality, texture and design. Modern prints are richer, offer a three-dimensional feel and images are more lifelike and attractive due to advanced digital printing techniques. On top of that you can print wallpapers from personal photos that can be tiled or enlarged. The possibilities are endless.


It is advised to use wallpaper very selectively to ensure it doesn’t become tacky and overpowering. Professional designers like the team at Simply By Design would be able to assess your home and choose one or two rooms or even just a single accent wall that can showcase a high-quality wallpaper that if done tastefully, will become a conversation piece for years to come.



The different types of wallpaper are distinguished according to material and adhesive coating. Non-woven and pre-pasted papers are your two main types and both are durable and generally kids- and pet friendly. With over hundreds of thousands of designs to choose from it can be overwhelming, so a designer’s input is almost always welcome.



Installing and removing wallpaper doesn’t need to be an unpleasant chore as new technology offers adhesive formulas and stick-and-peel fabrics that can be removed from walls, leaving no trace.


Factors like print matching, paste & ‘booking’ (wetting appear and letting it sit beforehand), coverage calculations, repeats and waste need to be carefully considered to ensure you don’t order too many or too few wallpaper rolls.


Choosing wallpaper should be a fun and exciting experience, as it gives you the opportunity to be creative while adding your mark on your home. If your home is feeling a bit flat and you want to add some elegant flair without adding more ‘stuff’, chat to Simply By Design and let’s explore the world of wallpaper together.

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