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Set the Mood with Luxurious Textiles

Have you ever walked into a room and felt a bit depressed or unwelcome? Chances are the colours, design and texture of the fabrics used in the room were mismatched, worn out or even dirty. Textiles have a huge impact on the ‘feel’ of a room, so choosing them carefully is a must, and should never be an afterthought.


When you pick out your couch, chairs, tables and even picture frames, you should imagine the fabrics that would complement these items and vice versa.


Go natural

Natural fabrics like silk complements both traditional and contemporary living spaces. It has the ability to softly reflect light, giving the room a natural elegant look.


Linen is a cool airy fabric, which is perfect for furnishings that play into its natural beauty like roman blinds and panel curtains. Its raw ‘stiff’ nature make it difficult to maintain though, so you’ll often see it mixed with synthetic materials to give it a smoother, more manageable texture.


Synthetic wonder 

Thanks to modern technology, you are now able to furnish your home with synthetic materials that successfully imitate natural fabrics, but come with a lot less maintenance and a lower price tag. Just start the textile conversation with a professional at Simply By Design and you’ll be amazed at all the options available to you.


Rugs and carpets

We can’t have a conversation about textiles in you home without mentioning rugs and carpets. Nothing beats the feel a custom-made wool rug under your feet or a plush luxurious carpet that is equally good to look and relax on.


Whether you are inspired by detailed floral designs, urban prints or neutral symmetry, there is undoubtedly a range of textiles to suit your home that is not only affordable but also exquisitely beautiful – and here at Simply By Design we know just where to find them. From sofa textiles through to curtains and scatter pillows, no store bought item can compare to a bespoke, tailored textile solution for your living spaces. It is the final, integral touch to creating your perfect, cozy haven.

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