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Walk on art: bring your floors to life with 3DFX Epoxy Flooring

Why should you limit your favourite artworks to walls? Now you can use your floors to express your artistic flair in a slick and sensational way.

Imagine walking over cascading waterfalls, through a beautiful lavender field or on a bridge connecting two breathtaking mountain tops, without actually leaving the building. This is all made possible with 3DFX Epoxy Flooring.


What is 3DFX Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring has been around for quite some time, but incorporating 3D technology and effects into epoxy flooring is relatively new to the market.  Not only does it add space and texture without the clutter, but it also gives you the opportunity to make your floor a focal point.  If you choose 3DFX Epoxy Flooring for your business, it can be used as a striking and intriguing tool to promote and build your brand.  In a shop it will generate more feet through the door and in an office space it will become a major talking point.



Besides the mesmerising optical illusion that 3DFX Epoxy Flooring creates, it also presents a range of practical benefits.  Not only are you creating a unique design, but epoxy is exceptionally hard-wearing and lasts over 15 years without colour fading.  Epoxy flooring is also seamless and easy to clean.  It is resistant to chlorine, bleaches, acids and daily cleaners, while being fire-resistant and hygienic.  This makes it an excellent low-maintenance flooring solution.



Installation of 3DFX Epoxy Flooring is carried out by a professional contractor and takes a maximum of three days to cure.  First a layer of self-levelling primer is poured, followed by your chosen artwork.  It is then treated with a transparent two-component epoxy or polyurethane to give the image depth.  To finish off, a level of protective varnish is added.


A 3D epoxy floor is not susceptible to the wear and tear that affects a painted floor or decorative vinyl (including stickers), making in an excellent choice for areas that handle a lot of foot traffic.  Speak to a design consultant at Simply By Design if you’d like to learn more about this innovative and practical artistic décor trend.


We would love to hear from you regarding your 3DFX Epoxy Flooring ideas to enhance your home or work space, the possibilities are endless. Contact Alex for more information.



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