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Water feature installation johannesburg

Water feature installations

Saving Water with a Splash of Style

Water feature installations not only becomes the focal point of a garden or living area, but also creates a sense of peace and tranquillity. Past and current climate variations and the most recent drought have taken water-saving practices beyond a trend to an absolute necessity in certain regions of South Africa.


When you think of the continuous flow of water through your water feature, water saving might not be the first characteristic that comes to mind. You can however successfully incorporate a water feature into your water-saving home with these water-wise tips.


Pouring vs spraying action

Choose a water feature with a fountain that pours down into a pool or pond as opposed to one that sprays, as this will ensure less water evaporates.



Place your water feature in an area where it will be shaded by a structure or plants to help keep the water cool. Cool water evaporates slower than warm water.


Sheltering environment

Partially surrounding your water feature with fencing or shrubbery will reduce the amount of wind blowing over the water feature, further reducing evaporation.


Reduce water level

Fill your water feature’s pond or pool a few centimeters below full to ensure less water splashes out when the feature is turned on.


Along with the above mentioned tips, you should periodically check that your water feature’s pond or pool isn’t leaking. If your water level drops more than five milliliters overnight, you could potentially have a leak.


The ultimate water feature is one that looks just as good dry (i.e. when it is not switched on) as when it is on and flowing in all its glory. Speak to Simply by Design so we can show you striking examples of what a well-designed water feature can do for your chosen living space or garden.

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